Travel Program FAQs

New to Travel?

Leesburg Football Club (LFC) is one of the most affordable alternatives to travel soccer in the DMV area and provides a high quality, intensive and focused training environment for player development in Loudoun County.  We are seeking players that wish to play with (and against) a higher level of competition that exceeds that of players in the recreational leagues.  Our Club focus is on long-term player development in a fun and challenging environment, while providing an overall high quality youth soccer experience for all players (and parents).  At LFC, we pride ourselves as being a Club with players/names, not numbers. 


Travel Basics (U11):

  • 12-13 players (max) on a LFC roster per team (18 is allowed)
  • 9v9 on the field (8 players + 1 GK)
  • Game Duration:  Two 30-minute halves
  • Soccer Ball Size: 4
  • Field Size:  Approx 50×75 Yards
  • Goal Size:  6.5 x 18.5 or 7 x 21 feet
  • Each Team will have a head coach (and assistant coach or co-coach)


Travel Basics (U13-U19):

  • 15-18 players (max) on a LFC roster per team (22 is allowed)
  • 11v11 on the field (10 players + 1 GK)
  • Game Duration:  Two 35, 40, or 45-minute halves (duration depends on age group)
  • Soccer Ball Size: 5
  • Field Size:  Approx 70×110 Yards
  • Goal Size:  8 x 24 feet
  • Each Team will have a head coach (and assistant coach or co-coach)


*Club-Center / Club Pass:  Should LFC decided to carry more than one team in an age group, these players may be moved around to play with the other team(s) in the Club on a week-by-week basis.


Annual Team Season Calendar:

  • Fall (Aug through late Nov): 
    • League season begins in August.
    • Two 90-minute training sessions each week
    • Tournaments – Determined on a team-by-team basis.
  • Winter “Offseason” (Jan through mid-March):
    • One indoor training session per week for 8-10 weeks
      • Starting in January   
    • Winter training and Futsal is determined on a team-by-team basis.
  • Spring (mid-March through early June): 
    •  League season begins March.
    • Two 90-minute training sessions each week
    • Tournaments – Determined on a team-by-team basis.
    • Initial Tryouts for following annual season will begin in early March.
      • Additional sessions may be held in Summer.


What is the Commitment?

Parent/Player Commitment

If you make and accept the invitation to join the LFC travel team, your full commitment is expected.  Attendance to all practices, games, and tournaments is required.  It will be expected that your parent(s) will facilitate your participation and attend all events relating to games and tournaments with you.  Each team will set expectations for off-season play with any potential conflicts discussed directly with each Team Manager in advance.  While LFC highly encourages players to play additional sports outside of the Fall and Spring soccer league seasons, conflicts do occur.  It is expected that any conflict be resolved in favor of soccer travel team commitments unless otherwise discussed in advance. 


Education is absolutely the first priority for all of our players, and we will work alongside parents to find accommodations and the best path forward should any school-related commitments or needs arise. 


  • Year-Round Program with periodic breaks
  • Practice twice a week with your team
  • 1 game each weekend (potentially 2 (Sat and Sun) depending on League schedule)
    • Games are typically scheduled on Sunday.
  • 1 Tournament per season (2 for the soccer year)
  • Travel for league games is typically in the DC / Maryland / Virginia area.


Parents should recognize that the players and coaches’ commitment to Leesburg FC (and to each other) is for the full soccer year.  This includes Fall, Winter and Spring seasons. Refunds are not issued to players who leave during the year. 


Parents agree that the year-long commitment is contingent upon state and local guidelines.  Parents agree LFC shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of the services nor obligations set forth in this Agreement due to a cause beyond its reasonable control.



Financial Commitment

Parents agree and will accept the financial terms outlined in LFC travel player/parent commitment letter. Parents also consent to accept the actions taken by LFC to enforce the commitment letter. Parents agree to abide by the LFC Commitment letter which will be found in the confirmation of registration email. 


Parents agree that upon acceptance of a position on a team, the initial deposit payment of $250 is a nonrefundable, non-transferable commitment fee to the Club.  This fee will go towards the annual player costs.  Parents further understand that their child’s commitment to Leesburg FC is for the 2024-2025 soccer year. 


Should a family decide to leave the team for any reason before the end of June 2025, the parents agree that they are responsible for all Leesburg FC Club fees for the full year and that these fees must be paid prior to the release being processed by the team or Club.


Parents also agree that should their child decide to leave the team for any reason, they are still responsible for any monies owed to the team to cover all team fees including those for events which will occur after their child is released but which are budgeted prior to our release request.  Parents also agree that if their child leaves the team, no monies paid, donated or fundraised will be refunded.


How many players are selected for each team?

LFC coaches usually carry fewer players than the maximum allowed—optimizing players’ playing time in games. The following are the recommended roster sizes for the different age groups in the LFC program;


U11 and U12              12-13 players

U13 through U19      15-18 players


When and where do travel teams practice?

Leesburg FC’s home field is currently at Hal and Bernie Hanson Park in Aldie, VA.  Spring and Fall season practice and training sessions will be held at this location.  Winter indoor sessions will be held in a LCPS middle school gym with the date/time/location TBD near the start of the Fall season.


When are tournaments held?

Teams often play pre-season, mid-season or post-season tournaments (3-4 games in a 2- or 3-day weekend). There are no league games on the following holiday weekends—Labor Day, Columbus Day and Memorial Day—so these are popular tournament weekends, along with pre- and post-season weekends.  Each team will discuss which tournaments they plan to participate in at the beginning of the soccer year.  The Team Manager for each team works with the parents to determine which (and how many) tournaments the team will participate each soccer year.  Once a decision has been collectively made, communication is distributed and players are expected to be available on these weekends. 


How much does travel soccer cost?

Each player pays an initial deposit payment of $250 that is a nonrefundable, non-transferable commitment fee to the Club.  This fee is applied to the players account and deducted from the soccer year balance once the season begins.


Our cost/fees to play at Leesburg FC are all “at cost”.  There are no hidden fees.  The cost/fees are determined on a team-by-team basis and cover the League and State registration fees, Fields, Tournaments, professional training, and some other minor miscellaneous expenses.  The budget is established each soccer year and is driven by each individual team.  The more professional training or tournaments that a team is interested in joining, the higher the cost per player (and vice versa). 


Each player receives three (3) customized kits (2 game and 1 training), one (1) soccer bag with embroidered number, and one (1) training jacket.  This cost is included in the total cost.  New kits are ordered every other soccer year.