About LFC Tryouts

Leesburg FC holds tryouts year-round with periodic scheduled open tryouts posted on website and/or social media. All players are evaluated during these tryouts by the team licensed professional trainers, coaches, and additional Club evaluators. Final decisions and team placement will be made within one week after the final tryout date. All players who attend tryouts will be notified directly via email of the club’s decision, regardless of selection for a team, to the email listed on the registration form.

We request that players invited to join the Club accept their offers within 72 hours of the offer to guarantee their position on the roster.

LFC competitive travel team tryouts are organized on a team-by-team basis. We ask players to attend as many tryouts as possible. If you missed a tryout session, we are always looking for players to be a part of our Club. If you are interested in a look by our trainer/coaches, please contact us.

Scheduled Tryouts

U14 Girls (born 2010-11): May 2 at Hanson Park

Tryout expectations
Please help manage players’ expectations and understanding of the tryout process. Travel teams are selected on a highly competitive basis. Decisions will be made in the best interest of each player’s developmental needs. For returning Leesburg FC players, the previous travel seasons’ performance, attendance, and commitment will be taken into consideration.

How are players evaluated and selected?

Players are evaluated using several criteria. The areas of emphasis in our evaluations include technical, speed/agility, and character. If selected, the player will be placed on a team that best meets their developmental needs.


  • Passing and receiving the ball with control
  • Shooting (strength and technique)
  • Moving in space without the ball
  • Ability to pressure the opponent


  • Pure Speed – Speed in which player runs in a forward direction/straight path of motion
  • Pure Agility – Rapid, multi-directional movements w/ ease and precision
  • Technical Speed – Speed in which player carries the ball (no pressure/under pressure)
  • Tactical Speed – Player’s ability to make quick decisions with and without the ball


  • Is the player respectful to adults (and other players)?
  • Is the player receptive to constructive feedback?
  • What is the player’s level of competitiveness?
  • Is the player a positive influence on other players?
  • Does the player have a strong desire to work hard?
  • Does the player bring passion and energy to the game?

Tryout registration

All players, including existing Leesburg FC, must register annually for tryouts.

Tryout registration is free of charge.

A new player’s parent(s) must complete the prior to participating in the tryout. Same day walk-ups may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Please arrive at the field 15-30 minutes prior to the start of the tryout session to ensure the player is checked in before the session begins. At each session, parents/players must check in with a tryout volunteer. Each player will be issued a number. Please put the number on the front of the player’s shirt. This will be their number for subsequent tryout sessions.

Players are required to wear shin guards and cleats and bring a properly inflated and sized ball (U11 uses size 4, U13+ uses size 5) marked with their name.



If there are unsafe conditions due to thunderstorms or field conditions, a session may be cancelled or shortened, all session will remain on as scheduled. If the Club can determine that a session should be canceled with sufficient notice to notify all families, an email will be sent to all registered players no later than 1 hour prior to the start of the session. Frequently, a determination cannot be made until closer to the start of the session (or during the session). In this case, the staff will notify players and parents at the field. Parents should remain at the field complex throughout the tryout session in case of any such schedule changes. Furthermore, there may be situations where a session is suspended due to lightning/thunder, and players are asked to wait in their cars until the weather passes.