Welcome to the new Leesburg FC!

Our new club logoYou may already be familiar with Leesburg FC, but you probably knew us as LFC.  We’ve always been a great club for teams to compete and have fun.  Each team had flexibility to create and manage teams in a way that best met the needs of those respective teams.  That has always been the main attraction for teams wanting to join our club.  We are still keeping that great characteristic, but we are making the club even stronger by choosing club colors, designing a new club logo and website, and providing many more amenities to our club members.

Technically LFC stands for Leesburg Football Club, but it wasn’t readily know to most outsiders.  Our new name focuses on our location, Leesburg, VA.  For our new logo, it will feature our full club name: Leesburg Football Club.  For our website, Facebook & Twitter accounts, we’ll go by the traditional moniker: Leesburg FC.

Check us out at the following internet locations:

Website: www.LeesburgFC.com

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/LeesburgFC

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/LeesburgFC

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

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