See our new Leesburg FC logo

Check out the new Leesburg FC logo!  The original logo was created in 1998.  Since that time, the club has grown to over 15 teams.  We decided to update the logo to a design that would appeal to all the Leesburg FC teams.  

Background for the new design:

This incorporates several elements of the old logo into the new one, but with a much updated look.  First, it retains the shield but with a slightly different shape.  The new design also features the blue and white vertical stripes, in which the tone of blue has been updated from light blue to a darker royal blue for a more aggressive look.  The ribbon has been reincorporated, this time it is on the shield and has been inscribed with the club establishment date.  The new logo also retains the full spelling of Leesburg Football Club, but with newer font type.  Finally the old style, black and white panel soccer ball has been carried forward to the new shield.

Leesburg FC logo design progression

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