Schalke 06

Leesburg FC Schalke06 – a 2006 (Spring ’19 U13) boys team competing in the ODSL.

Welcome to the Leesburg FC Schalke 06, where talent is forged!  The Leesburg FC Schalke ’06 and ’07 boys teams have an Official Youth Development Partner of FC Schalke 04 through Global Image Sports.

Through that relationship the two Leesburg FC Schalke boys teams have integrated the philosophies of FC Schalke 04 and their “Knappenschmiede” youth academy into our team philosophies and methodologies. 

Leesburg FC’s two Schalke teams are committed to providing a family-friendly environment where each member of the team is developed to the best of their ability on and off the field.  We are committed to forging upstanding youth who show respect for the game, our opponents, the game officials and the greater Leesburg Football Club community. We take pride in representing the Leesburg FC values as well as Schalke values, and we are committed to enjoy not only our team experience but also the greater team family. Our season is more than about winning or losing, it is learning how to become better in a positive fun environment, learning life lessons such as how to overcome difficulties, recovering from mistakes, and having faith in ourselves, teammates, parents and coaches. Just like the Knappen in the coal mines from various backgrounds, we respect and support each other and are passionate about the same ideals, regardless of our cultural or ethnic background.  We trust each other and are a group of close friends and families – when our boys leave the pitch, they still want to hang out with each other which reflects in the many impromptu get-togethers and team parties that we all cherish.

As an official FC Schalke 04 youth development partner, we will be involved with hosting or attending FC Schalke 04 events which focus on player development, coaching education and/or international tours.

  • Schalke: Region in the Ruhr valley area of Germany (around the city of Gelsenkirchen), a historical coal mining and industrial area
  • Knappen: Historical term used for miners in the Ruhr area of Germany, who often were young boys.
  • FC Schalke 04: A famous German First Division Bundesliga soccer team formed in 1904 which at that time was made up mostly of young boys, many of who worked in the coal mines in the area.
  • Schmiede: Forge or smith.
  • Knappenschmiede: “Where youth are forged/developed”, in the context of the FC Schalke 04 youth program. It is the name of their youth academy.

We teach and emphasize a modernstyle of playsystem.  At the individual level we recognize each player’s unique skills and qualities, and respect every individual has varying goals they strive to achieve in sports. For individuals and the team, we focus on four areas:

  • Technical – fundamental skills that are critical to the overall success of the team and your ability to positively contribute.
  • Tactical – understanding the flow of the game and critical concepts, creating advantages.
  • Mental – individual composure and confidence which goes beyond the field.
  • Physical – having the ability to play a full match on a large field, strong physically and mentally results in successful competition.

Fall ’18 – Spring ’19 details:

  • Early Fall Tournament: Frederick Scrimmagefest
  • Fall ‘18 ODSL league season
    • Two practices per week – Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00pm – 7:30pm
  • Dec ’18 Kick It 3v3 Tournament Atlanta (optional)
  • Winter training
    • 10 weekly 90-minute training sessions indoor, we do our best in finding gym/indoor space on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings.
  • Winter Futsal league (optional, about $70/person)
  • Early Spring Tournament: McLean Premier Cup
  • Spring 2019 NCSL league season (division 6)
    • Two practices per week – Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30pm – 7:00pm
  • End of season Tournament: Hershey (TBD)
  • Friendly games throughout the year. We are very engaged in friendlies with other local clubs.
  • FC Schalke 04 June Summer Schalke ID camp (optional and additional cost): We will be hosting/assisting/attending an elite-level intense ID camp attended by Schalke Youth Academy coaches from Germany to identify local talent to be invited to the Schalke USA National ID camp.
  • Summer Super Y (USL) league team (optional & additional cost).We partner with other clubs in order for a joint Super Y team experience.  The members of this team commit to attending late December Final Tournament in Florida pending the achievement
  • International trip (optional and additional cost) to visit the FC Schalke 04 grounds in Gelsenkirchen Germany (HQ, Youth Academy, pro facilities and Veltins Arena) with opportunities to train alongside their coaches and youth teams, play local German teams, learn and tour Schalke heritage, tour a bit of Europe. We are taking one mixed team U10-U14 ages the summer of 2019.  We will have a few guest players from other top clubs / D-ODP state players join us.
  • We perform regular player one-one reviews
  • At the end of Fall and Spring seasons we have our traditional “Knappen-Tests” which are fun yet challenging set of tests that over the years show development in various categories. Awards are handed out for top performers.
  • Bundesliga/Champions League watch parties held at our team’s fun hangout – the Doener Bistro in Leesburg.
  • We strongly encourage our players to try out and take advantage of the US Soccer / VYSA D-ODP / ODP program.

What it means to be a Schalker:

Selbstbewusstsein                  Self-Confident

Charakterstark            Strong Character

Hilfsbereit                               Helpful / Supportive

Anständig                                Fair / Respectable

Leidenschaflich                       Passionate

Konzentriert                            Focused

Ehrlich                                     Honest / Truthful


Schalke 06 2018/19 Tryout Information:

To be evaluated for a few open slots for the Leesburg FC Schalke 06 team, please contact Coach Brian (

Priorities for being on this team:
Players are to prioritize all practices, games and tournaments, as playing time may be adjusted in relation to the level of season commitment.  This is a competitive travel team however we are a group of players and families with varying goals and priorities – some are content with Fall and Spring league / tournament seasons to allow for other priorities and sports during off-season.  There are some who strive for more, therefore we have lots of opportunities and pathways to enable the players to reach their goals.

Parent Volunteers:
In order to keep our costs low and operations running smoothly parents will be asked to step up and help out. Roles include, but aren’t limited to: Team Manager, Treasurer, Uniform Coordinator, Tournament Coordinator, Field Coordinator and Website/Social Media Coordinator.

Estimated Costs for the season:
$1,250/year which includes but are not limited to the following:

    • LFC, League and VYSA Fees for both winter/spring
    • 3 tournaments
    • Fall, Winter, Spring Training
    • Field Rentals
    • Trainer/coaches

Team Name:
Leesburg FC Schalke 06

Competition League: 
NCSL – Divison 6 U13

Head Coach: Brian Zielke – email

Trainer/Coach:  Michael Alvarado and Jon Gannon

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