Rangers Play 1st Annual Turkey Bowl!

Rangers engage in a thrilling 70- 63 2-hand touch Turkey Bowl where Dan Beverly caught the winning touchdown pass from Coach Gib Smith with seconds to spare. Defensive MVP Honors go to Ryan with 3 interceptions and a fumble recovery.  Offensive MVP goes to Seamus Muskett and Tanner Sale with at least 4 TDs each.  Team Orange – Hayden, Faraaz, Ryan, Dan Bev, Seamus, Dan Stan and Coach Gib vs. Team IU Eagles – Cameron, Alden, Tanner, Medium Matt, Big Matt, Coach Jon, Mr. Carson (Kevin). Lots of scoring and lots of catches for both teams.  Team Orange ran their razzle dazzle offense to perfection while Team IU Eagles used bombs and reverses to keep Team Orange’s D on their heels.  Thanks to the Blands for picking up Costco Pizzas and the Beverlys for bringing cookies and waters.  A great way to end the season.  Go Rangers!!