Morven Park April 27-28 Weekend

Please be aware of the following this weekend that Old Waterford entrance will be closed during small portions of the day during the cross country horse races.  We don’t know exactly when and you might get stuck. 

It would be helpful if for this weekend we all try to enter Tutt Lane and Gate 2 (the gate past the main entrance).  We can all exit main entrance and be cautious of the equestrian event going on.


  • Field 2 for this weekend’s 11v11 LFC games.  I designated warmup areas and it would be helpful if the managers met the opponents when they arrive and guide them to one of these spots. 
  • Field 5A is the main 9v9 field for LFC games. 
  • If the fields are dry the players will sit in the interior (between fields 1-2) and parents on outside spaces.  Please no spectator chairs or tents.  If the fields are wet, but playable we might have to ask the teams to sit on outside and parents behind goal area.  Not the best viewing area, but if it helps open the fields then we might have to do it.

For pregame planning:  There is always going to be limited warm up time on an actual field. The surrounding game fields (even when not occupied) are not to be used for warmup area. 

Please use the designated areas to share with opponents until the previous game ends.  

Thanks for your cooperation.

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