LFC Schalke ’06 & ’07

LFC showing well before the full Fall season starts! The LFC Schalke ’06 team worked hard in their first team effort: the Frederick ScrimmageFest 31 (held August 19). With assistance of several guest players, the team won 2 games and narrowly lost two (by 1 goal!).

LFC Schalke ’06 had a strong showing at the Dulles National Tournament (held August 25 &26) but couldn’t hang on for the finals. The team has matured incredibly and performance at the start of the season has already superseded the heights of the previous season.

LFC Schalke ’07 were awarded the ODSL Randy Rawls Sportsmanship Award last season. Here the boys are proudly displaying the trophy they won in partnership and with support from the parents. Congrats LFC Schalke ’07!

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