LFC 05G EDP – a 2005 (Fall ’23 U19) girls team competing in the EDP.

LFC 05G – a 2005 (Fall ’23 U19) girls team competing in the South Atlantic Premier Division in the EDP and 4-6 elite tournaments per year along the east coast. We are a competitive Travel team looking for highly competitive players to add to our roster to compete against like minded teams in Region 1. This team will plan to enter State Cup next season.

Please email Coach Tim Nguyen if you are interested in a evaluation session.

2018/19 Accomplishments: 

  • Current VA state ranking: 18th
  • Fall 2018 NCSL D1: 2nd place finish
  • 2018 OBGC Cup: Champion
  • 2018 WAGS Tournament: Finalist
  • EDP Spring Classic Tournament: Finalist
  • Virginian Elite Tournament: Semi-Finalist
  • EDP Spring 2019 League: 3rd place finish

Team Name: LFC 05G EDP

Competition League: EDP

Head Coach: Tim Nguyen – email


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