U7-U10: Discovery Program

Our Mission Statement

Encouraging learning for children in the u7-u10 age groups through physical and sociological guided exercises in a soccer environment. Coaching activities will be applied to challenge the player both mentally and physically surrounded with positive encouragement. There is no wrong. There is no bad. There is only development.

The Discovery Program

Players will develop fundamental skills focusing on a maximum number of touches on the ball. This will be achieved through Ball Mastery, Functional Topics, and Small Sided games.

  • Ball Mastery: An approach to learning with each player utilizing their own ball. Skills and creativity are a high focus on this instructor led activity. In addition to learning fun and creative skills, the player will increase their coordination and balance overall.
  • Functional Topics: At this age this will cover the basics of passing and receiving a ball along with the concept of productive movement to improve spacial understanding.
  • Small Sided: Players are given the opportunity to play in game like scenarios while still maximizing their touches on the ball in 3v3 and 4v4 formats. In small sided game formats, players are encouraged to make decisions frequently and at the same time have opportunity to express creativity.


The Discovery Program is designed to be a 6 week program totaling 12 hours of training for the players. There are two sessions each week.

Progression Goals

EDP Futures – With every learning environment, goals should be introduced and progression should be achieved. EDP Futures offers a competitive environment without the focus on results and standings. The Discovery Program players will be encouraged to continue the pathway by entering into EDP Futures festivals. Teams will play 4 each 20 minute scrimmages in 4v4 or 7v7 formats. After “graduating from the Discovery Program, the hope is that each player will continue into Travel Soccer and challenge their growth and development further.

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